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January 28, 2011

I recently picked up Minecraft again (a bit popular in 3I2, it is). Had lots of fun with it, and there are a lot more new features that have been implemented since I last played. The Nether is one, sandstone is another, mods and texture packs yet another, new trees, fire-starting, fishing, cake… the list goes on and on. The game is much more beginner friendly with additions like charcoal, watches and sandstone.

There are a few gripes that I have with the game, though. One, why the bloody hell is there so little iron?! Iron’s not exactly rare, per se, but the material is so versatile that it has to be used in everything. Flint and steel. Railroad tracks. Minecarts. Powered minecarts. Iron doors. Its usage is only rivaled by wood, but wood is so much easier to obtain.

Two, the game still puts you in the middle of nowhere with nothing in your hands. While very refreshing, it can get very tedious when building a new world. Notch should make a mode where you start with diamond tools and 64 of everything… good for the veteran player who just wants to get a new world up and running.

Also, the graphics look dated, there are some things that you should be able to do but can’t (why can’t you make a sandwich by crafting 1 bread – 1 pork – 1 bread) and there are some things which you can do, but don’t make any sense (a bookshelf, when destroyed, gives nothing)

It’s still a whole lot of fun to play. I heartily recommend it.

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