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Team Fortress 2

December 22, 2010

I’m stoked! I bought TF2 last night and have been playing it non-stop from morning till now.

TF2 is a landmark game for me for two reasons: one, it’s the first legit game I’ve owned, and two, I bought it with my own money.

Downloading and installing from Steam was a breeze, though I had to leave my computer overnight and then afterwards wait a bit more, but no major hitches. The first problem, though, was that my computer’s graphic card (Intel GMA integrated piece of shit) couldn’t handle TF2 on it’s lowest settings. So, after some frantic Google Search-ing I figured out the problem – I couldn’t run DirectX 9 (what a shame). So I tweaked the launch settings to use DirectX 8 instead.

Now the water is white and completely opaque.

Anyway, TF2 is a hell lot of fun. The graphics style is right up my alley, the gameplay is fast-paced and fair, it’s very easy to get into and the maps are really very well done. Personally, my favourite class is the Spy but i’m absolutely terrible at it. I tend to bump into enemies while trying to backstab them, which makes it rather awkward and gives the game away. The other classes are far more straightforward and a damn sight easier to play. Overall, TF2 is a fantastic game…

… but I’m not too amused by the lack of game modes. It’s either arena, CTF, or attack/defend. Where is the no-holds-barred, AWESOME super-fantabulous DEATHMATCH mode? (Yes, I am aware it exists, but no one ever hosts it.)

That’s just a small nitpick though. Be right back. More TF2 action.

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