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DoTA Reflections

October 2, 2010

I realize writing a blog post (about DoTA, no less) is a rather stupid decision to make in the face of the End-of-Years.


See, I usually play pushers (mainly the heroes which push down the opponent’s towers, hence the name), ignoring team battles and just focusing on pushing. You see, the problem with this strategy is that a push is very easily countered by another opponent hero, since the tower hits the creeps and you sure has hell are not going to stay there in case of a surprise attack. So all your effort will be gone to waste.

I also tend to play carries, which farm the entire game and then rape lategame, but I am of the opinion that such behavior is boring and unsporting. I also tend to find that my teammates are unable to fend against the opponents’ attacks, putting pressure on yours truly.

I dislike supports because they are weak individually and never get any credit. I like the credit.

I love playing gankers. Yet no one ever coordinates ganks.

What can I play, then? Well….

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