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August 8, 2010

So I got my hands on KOTOR and was trying it late last night and from 10 till now. (That’s how obsessed I am.) Anyway, let me just talk a bit about KOTOR here:

KOTOR is in typical Bioware style: it has many dialogue options that all lead to pretty much the same thing. There’s a Light Side and a Dark Side kind of sliding scale which goes up as you do good, honorable things and down as you do not-so-good things. I’ve been playing for 5 hours and haven’t even really started the game – the game is huge, believe me. There aren’t many things you can do, and it is very plot-driven – you have to kill this creature to continue, you have to go here, etc. You can’t take a break in between and go bet on some races, for example. I’ve covered this disparity between freedom and plotline in my previous post so I won’t repeat myself. Anyway, you start off in this ship that’s being attacked by the Sith. This is pretty much the introductory tutorial, and the game really starts when you get into the escape pod and jettison yourself to safety.

Landing on some planet you locate the important Jedi that was captured by some street gang. Lots of fighting later you rescue the Jedi and you plan on an escape. Nothing particularly clever – you break down the door of the Sith super-secret facility and you massacre everybody in them. What happens after that I don’t know because I haven’t experienced it yet.

Worth pointing out (again) is that KOTOR is a really long game. I’ve been playing for 5 hours and I would say I haven’t even experienced maybe 1/40th of the game. Then again, most of the time was filled with killing random dudes again and again so, you know, actual experience may differ.

The way KOTOR handles combat is terrible in my opinion. Come on, you’re using swords and blasters and you’re telling me that one blaster shot can’t kill? I mean, towards the later portions of the early game I found that my blaster did 4 damage to a 50 HP man. I mean, seriously? I might as well hit the guy with a wet fish or something. Swords (vibroblades, whatever) don’t have this problem as much (their damage is way higher) but how do swords miss? Against someone who is shooting at your teammate positioned at the far end of the room and you’re coming at him from behind? Honestly?

I also have a few gripes about levels. The levels are too spaced out and mean too much. Equipment is secondary to stats. This doesn’t make sense as far as I am concerned. I mean, the difference in one level really is very major. Someone I got thrashed by when I was level 4 was wiped out when I was level 5. (With the same items.) Plus, the items really are very insignificant (1-6 damage vs 1-8 damage? Wow.) and I found it pretty inconsequential to just sell all my items and hoard a shitton of gold.

Though there are some pretty fine points about the game. The graphics are fine for a 7 year old game, the story is well done as far as I’m concerned. There are a lot of characters you can play with and it is pretty good overall. Verdict? Good game -but old.

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