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Blog Redesign

August 7, 2010

Hey guys.

Check out this spanking new design! In an effort to fish for more ACE better my blog, I have, you know, redesigned it. (That much you gathered from the title). So, here’s what I did specifically….

– Ported my blog to WordPress – it now supports automatic post dating, an automatic comment system and a more organised blog. Hopefully this will intice me to blog more. Granted, my previous blog did have a cobbled-together comment system and a manual post dater, but you know… automatic is better. Just shut up.

Oh, yeah, and a custom header. Does it look spanking new and gobgoozoly or what?

– New skin and new fonts – I used for the fonts and digged out some cool skin provided with WordPress. That redesign on the old blog will have to wait for now because WordPress doesn’t offer me enough freedom to redesign the way I want to. So I have been restricted quite a bit in the design aspect of the blog. But whatever, improvement.

– Spam regulation – no one reads this blog anyway, whatever.

– Widgets – custom HTML elements that I can add to my site. Very useful, and my previous blog didn’t have them.

-INTENSE formatting tools that allow me to do more with the posting and less with the tedious hand-code every single page.

That about sums up the updates and the blog overhaul. I’ll be relinking the blog in a moment…

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